Adaptive Trials

Adaptive clinical trials can offer enormous potential in today's drug development process.
They can facilitate better decision making by enabling more dose levels to be studied in Phase II dose-finding studies whilst maintaining practical sample sizes. They can also reduce the time between development phases using seamless designs and aid in the early identification of failing compounds.

Rapid access to patient safety and efficacy data, from which decisions can be made, is critical to adaptive clinical trials' ability to make mid-study changes. Furthermore, it is essential to be able to quickly and simply implement changes to the randomization algorithm and respond immediately to the resulting changes in medication supply requirements, ideally without detection by trial personnel.

Perceptive is one of the leading providers of key technology components to support adaptive trials, integrating EDC, ePRO, IVR, supplies simulation and forecasting. Perceptive provides expert consulting on supplies planning and optimal technology implementation for adaptive trials. Combined with this consulting expertise, our integrated suite of leading technology solutions provides the necessary building blocks required to implement an adaptive trial design.

Key Features

  • Technology implementation consulting
  • Trial supply planning
  • Fully integrated technology solution for clinical data collection, randomization, and trial supply management
  • Single project manager coordinating all technology delivery
  • Full hosting and integration with Bayesian response adaptive algorithms

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