IMPACT® CTMS is an enterprise-wide solution used by many top global pharmaceutical companies and CROs to plan, administer and track every aspect of clinical trials.

IMPACT CTMS has been developed with utmost flexibility and configurability in mind. The exceptional breadth of functionality is highly adaptable to sponsor-specific workflows and terminologies. With IMPACT CTMS, clients do not have to modify their working practices and compromise with inflexible, rigid functionality. The system is able to manage trials of any complexity and support organizations of any size and global reach. Containing all operational trial data, IMPACT CTMS allows consistent and accurate information to be shared across the entire enterprise, thereby faciitating timely and informed decision making.

IMPACT CTMS is available as a on-demand, software-as-a-service application enabling customers to enjoy rapid and flexible deployment of our leading CTMS solution without high upfront costs. Customers can also choose to implement IMPACT CTMS as an on-premise solution and install it within their own operating environment.

The IMPACT solution is an integral part of Perceptive MyTrials. Perceptive MyTrials provides an application framework through which we are able to converge our integrated suite of clinical trial software applications. Designed to maximize the benefit of natural trial process workflow, MyTrials enables users to plan, design, collaborate and conduct their clinical trial programs from a single place.

The automated integration with ClinPhone® RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management) and DataLabs® EDC applications allows users to seamlessly share trial data without having to duplicate activities, helping your entire organization benefit from the true power of CTMS.

IMPACT Modules

  • IMPACT Progress - Planning and tracking information about all projects and trials, through the countries and sites involved, to details of the patients and their progress through the trial. Details of the studies may be held with timelines, enrollment summaries and responsibilities.
  • IMPACT MySites - Supports online and offline monitoring activities and the collection of associated management data during site visits by field monitors. MySites can be provided to field monitors on a USB flash drive avoiding the need to install it on each individual's laptop.
  • IMPACT Investigator - Advanced investigator management and selection tool. Provides a centralized data store of information about investigators, accessible via an advanced search tool allowing users to quickly identify the most relevant and high quality research sites.
  • IMPACT Regulatory Document Tracking - Enables tracking of regulatory documents throughout the study life cycle, ensures all documents are completed in a timely fashion, reduces study start-up delays and increases regulatory compliance.
  • IMPACT Clinical Cost Tracking - Planning, budgeting, projection and tracking of costs associated with clinical trials. IMPACT supports full multi-currency operation.
  • IMPACT Clinical Supplies Tracking - Forecasting, dispatching and tracking supplies

Key Features

  • Full-featured CTMS providing trial planning, start-up, monitoring, financial administration, supplies tracking and investigator management functionalities
  • Available as a software-as-a-service application enabling rapid and flexible deployment without high upfront costs or ongoing infrastructure investments
  • Global deployment including international language and currency support
  • Highly configurable and adaptable to sponsor-specific workflow and terminology
  • Seamless integration with ClinPhone RTSM and DataLabs EDC for sharing of trial data