ClinPhone® MedSim

ClinPhone® MedSim is a leading-edge consulting service that enables you to gain a solid understanding of your entire supply chain strategy and allows you to accurately estimate supply requirements for your clinical trials. Our consultants use statistical simulation techniques to predict how medication is distributed and used in your study. By modeling the variability inherent in a clinical trial—such as random subject recruitment—our approach provides robust estimates of your future supply needs. Superior to forward forecasting approaches, our simulations provide valuable information to support effective decision-
making. Study teams can rely on our consultants to effectively compare alternative supply strategies, assess associated risks, and estimate desirable supply quantities.

ClinPhone MedSim enables you to explore optimal supply chain and packaging parameters in the study planning phase which enables you to assess the quantity of medication required, the minimum requirement to commence your study, the optimal size and types of medication packs to produce, and the choice of local depots for efficient medication usage and site supply. During your study, our approach enables you to use current medication usage data and site recruitment rates to assess future requirements. This is valuable in determining the need for and timing and contents of future medication production runs. In all cases, Perceptive’s industry-renowned team of dedicated supply chain experts ensure insightful interpretations and advice are available to help study teams make the best, most informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Simulation of clinical supply chain using dozens of real-world factors
  • Strategic planning and analysis of complete supply chain methodology
  • Calculation of clinical trial supply needs, reducing unnecessary overage
  • Exploration of minimum supply requirements to commence study