ClinPhone® Drug Accountability

ClinPhone® Drug Accountability is a cutting-edge, web-based solution that enables centralized management of the entire clinical trial supply chain. When combined with Trial Supply Management, it allows sponsors, sites and depots to perform drug accountability,
reconciliation, returns and destruction activities. ClinPhone Drug Accountability provides full electronic management and visibility of the clinical trial supply chain, complete with end-to-end documentation detailing the lifecycle of individual investigational products.

ClinPhone Drug Accountability provides a robust solution to the current challenges in clinical trial drug accountability. Site personnel are able to maintain dispensing and inventory logs electronically. Monitoring staff can access site logs remotely, and effortlessly link reconciliation activities with site records. Online query resolution functionality and full audit trailing ensures the integrity and transparency of drug accountability data. Finally, returns depot personnel provide the link to destruction certification, meaning that the site,
monitor, depot and destruction facility information is completely integrated into comprehensive drug accountability documentation. ClinPhone Drug Accountability enables you to demonstrate your compliance to drug accountability requirements.

Key Features

  • Management and tracking of entire medication supply chain from issue to destruction
  • Full integrated reporting of drug accountability, reconciliation, returns and destruction
  • Integration with ClinPhone Trial Supply Management databases
  • Offline monitoring functionality